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170+ 5 star reviews stars on Yelp & Google 

Yelp has hidden (they call it "not recommended") more than 140 of these 5 Star reviews (that's 17 pages of reviews) because I refuse to subscribe to their paid service. Here's a link

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Here's what people are saying about their experiences in our courses!

“Wesley's class for my CCW was terrific. His passion for the subject matter is very clear and he is an excellent instructor. The course materials and training were top notch! His website motto is "Educating you to be safe and skilled" and it fits perfectly."

Walter F. - Rancho Cordova, CA

“My husband and I attended Wes' CCW course. The information provided, explanations given and time and attention to the participants was exceptional. Our main goal was safety and education which was more than accomplished.
In addition, we found the added humor to make the days even more enjoyable."

Dick & Madlyn D. - Elk Grove, CA

“Wes is great, very informative, safe, personable, and effective. CCW class was awesome thanks!"

Gary E. - Wilton, CA

"Thank you for taking the time to teach Lisa and me the correct techniques for handling a pistol. I must say that Lisa was apprehensive about taking the class. When at the range, I attribute her continued involvement to complete the shooting instruction to your professionalism. Thank you! The look in her eyes and her level of stress could only be compared to the birth of our first child. After we left she expressed how much she enjoyed the class and how the class helped her to lessen her fear of guns. In fact, yesterday she was finally agreeable to purchase a pistol. She purchased a S&W M & P 9mm.  Again, thank you."

Dan D.

“Thanks, Wes. Great class. You were entertaining and kept the class fun. I look forward to taking another class from you soon."

Dave J.

Thank you Wes! Always fun to watch you shoot man. I do have to say that your customer service is second to none. You got a student here for life bro. I'll try to bring you as much business as I can through referrals.

Take care,"

Martin M.

“I really enjoyed the class and am looking forward to taking more of your classes to better my skills. You are great, I had a lot of fun. Really enjoyed shooting the steel targets. I feel you have given me a good foundation of skills and have shown me the importance of practicing those skills. I look forward to the next class I get to take with you. Thanks for all the knowledge.
Take care,"

Chris L.

“I want to again thank you for the top notch professionalism that you showed during the class. You're a class act and it was my very distinct pleasure to have attended your course. I am very much looking forward to having you be a part of my continuing efforts to achieve and maintain proficiency as I pursue this lifestyle change. Take care.. and I look forward to seeing you again soon.."

Patrick D.

“Hey Wes! Thank you again for everything. We had so much fun in your CCW course, as we do with all your classes.  I love how you tie in all the stories of your own life experiences! Thank you for helping me to focus... As you could probably tell, I was really freakin out on Sunday morning. I really appreciate you keeping a close watch over us and helping us out.  :) Phil's so excited to show everyone the video clips I took of him during the rapid fire and the steel challenge. Also, thanks again for helping to pick out the Kahr P9 for me and my tiny hands. Its the perfect fit for me. My final interview is on Thursday... Can't wait!  Anyway... Just wanted to say thank you again. We look forward to next time. Talk to you soon...  "

Michele H.

“Hey Wes.  BIG FUN..  Thanks for the GREAT class.  Well worth it....  :-)."

David B.

“I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for a great class and taking the extra time to work with me on the .32 ACP NAA Guardian.  It was quite a challenge for me to utilize that tool at the 15 yard line; the minuscule sights and the heavy trigger pull did not help make it easy. I was very impressed with the level of safety demonstrated by the both of you.  At no time did I see you sweep anyone in the class or on the range.  I have a horror story of a friend of mine who took a CCW class (quite a few years ago), where the instructor experienced an accidental discharge during class.  That incident is always in my head when I take classes. Let me know of any shooting classes you may have in the future as my brother and I would definitely be interested.  The way you conducted your class was very impressive and professional.  All of the reviews of your classes have been favorable and my experience confirms it.  I would definitely recommend your services to everyone I know. Again, I 'Thank You'.  Take care and I hope to see in another class."

Eddie C.

“Your class was worth the money. You know your stuff and I felt safe the whole time at the range, even with 10 students drawing at speed. I even learned some non-CCW related things that I didn't know before. Anytime you have any pistol training classes on the weekends you can count me in. I'd like to continue to improve my skill set so I can be better prepared in the future.

John B.

“I thought I knew enough about handguns and the safety and skill required. My knowledge level has increased dramatically and I much less of a safety hazard than I ever was.  Exceptional training and incredible information. Thank you so very much!!"

Steven C.

“I cannot being to express the benefit of today's training to me. I know now that CCW is a change in the way ones carries them self and shooting is only one part of that change. I plan to seek out and continue ways to improve as a shooter. Thanks for great experience and recharging the gray matter!
This is the best firearms training since my military service, better than any other training. The Shooting Center should be thankful having a vendor of your class. After my last experience, I had pretty much swore off any further training services at the club. The CCW was mandatory, so I did not have a choice. And, your attitude in general shows me the brand of professional that you truly are.  Thanks,"

Ted W.

“Thank you Wes for such a great course. I look forward to signing up with you for further training in the very near future. It is rare to find people who truly have a passion for their work and you obviously do. I feel very fortunate to have learned so much from you this past weekend and look forward to learning a LOT more. If you ever need a customer testimonial or a reference with whom a potential customer would like to speak, please do not hesitate to pass on my contact information. I would be more than happy to let people know how great you both are. Thanks again. Regards,"

Ranbir A.

“Thanks for the training this weekend. It was awesome. See you again!."


Greg M.

“First and foremost I would like to extend a HUGE thank you, your extra time really paid off, 1st you got my wife to be able to qualify, second, you made my trip home SO much more enjoyable. Funny how women will listen to someone other than their husband (and that is all I am going to say bout that..). I had a blast up there, and Carol really did enjoy the class. Please keep us in the loop on your classes, I will be monitoring the website. Carol has expressed interest in a proficiency course in the future, so we will see. Thanks again. Good luck, and see you soon."

Pat O.

Megan and I had a great time at the class yesterday and we both learned a ton from you. Thanks very much for paying so much attention to Megan…she really had a very positive experience because of it and wants to practice what we learned. I’m looking forward to taking the CCW class on the 28th/29th and will definitely be looking to sign up for the Rapid Response Pistol class next.  Thanks,"

Larry C.

“Wesley, I want to thank you again for your talent and professionalism as a firearms trainer. I knew Melanie would have some difficulty qualifying but also I knew I had to stay out of the process of her going through the class. I knew I had to let the "pro" do the training and trust that Melanie would listen. Melanie was struggling with her qualification attempt but you knew just what to do and say with perfect timing. Your compliments after she qualified by telling the class how much she had improved was music to Melanie's ears! YOU ROCK, MAN! See as soon as I can in the rifle class, A thousand thank yous!"

Dean F.

I can’t begin to tell you how frigin awesome your class was this weekend. I gained a completely new respect for situational awareness, for starters, as well as the complexity of being safe, efficient, and effective with a firearm, for the right reasons. All thanks to you!! I want you to know that first impressions are truly lasting impressions and you NAIL that concept down with all your expertise and real world examples. For that – you have gained a loyal customer and every referral I can possibly send your way! Please add me to your email new letters, updates, etc.. so I can stay informed and plugged into whatever is available. 

Thank you again for everything!!"

Steven G.

“Thank you! You are a great instructor and run an excellent class!"

Gareth L.

"I had a great time! I'm glad I did the 8 hour renewal course. You learn something new every time, and you can never have enough training."


Khosrov M.

“Thank you! You are a great instructor and run an excellent class!"

Jim D.

"The appreciation and gratitude is excepted and reciprocated right back.  As a certified professional EP agent and part time Investigator, I have come to respect those I have learned from and trained with. I was blessed to be able to learn so much more from you. It is exciting to know that we belong to the same shooting club. I sincerely hope to receive more training from you. You are a great instructor and lead a class as if you were born to do just that. I will be contacting you soon to see what your thoughts are on the next step of training I should receive.  
Thank you and take care,"


Robert R.

“I wanted to send you a note to say thank you again for last weekend’s CCW course. I had a great time and learned a lot. You and your instruction were top notch. I will be recommending your courses to all my fellow firearms enthusiasts, as well as taking several other courses from you in the future. I’m particularly interested in the shotgun home defense course that you mentioned. I’m VERY happy with my decision to go with your course and look forward to many more."

Brian P.

"Hi Wes, I can't thank u enough,,,,,,YOUR GREAT, I will go over all of the things u sent me and u will be hearing from me, again !!!!! Thanks again,"


Dan V.

“Thanks for a great course filled with lots of good information and the right level of fun.  I truly learned a lot and look forward to improving my skills with you in the future. Your combination of humor, seriousness, and no nonsense approach on the range made the two days go by like it was ten minutes instead of 16 hours. I very much appreciated the stories you shared with us. While, I'm probably one of those libs you laugh at, I'm glad to have learned from you. I look forward to watching you work with my wife and my sons to improve their skills as well. Thanks again,"


"Thanks again for a great class. It is always good to have fun and learn new information. The training showed me a lot of areas that I need to get more consistent at and I am sure that I'll be taking additional training from you."


Jim S.

“Wes, thanks again for the awesome class you put on this weekend. It was definitely something I wasn't expecting and very enjoyable compared to other CCW classes I've heard of. I've never got to do any type of shooting like that at a public range and you opened my eyes to something new and enjoyable. Your easy going, no ego attitude adds to the experience and make it fun. I will definitely be attending some of your other classes.
Thanks again,"

Matt L.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am really glad I chose to take my class with you and I really enjoyed my time spent there. Thanks for being so helpful and cool about everything and I look forward to attending future classes with you. Thanks!"


Devlin M.

“Just wanted to thank you for putting on a very fun and highly educational class. Your class was a step above Front Sight, without the fly time. I look forward to taking some of your proficiency classes in the future.

Thanks again."

Matt H.

"Hello Wes, 
Wanted to say once more, thanks for the course. It's a lot of information to take in so I will be processing it for some time. I will work on the grip you showed me. I see the obvious benefit but 20 years of weaver is going to take some time to get over. As I had hoped, I learned a great deal. I would definately recommend you to my friends and family and will probably see you in the future for a couple more courses."

Paul R. - Sacramento, CA

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