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Advanced Pistol Shooting Positions

This is a 1 day, ADVANCED PISTOL COURSE. Prerequisites are mandatory. See below for details.

Times: 8AM - 4PM


Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center - RANGE 2, Bay 2
15501 Meiss Rd. (DO NOT USE GPS - Follow these directions
Sloughhouse, CA 95683


Course Cost: $300 per person

Send Payment To:


Range Fees: Non-members of the Folsom Shooting Club $14 per day or Members $5 per day

Course Description:

Advanced Pistol Shooting Positions: This course will focus on developing your skills, under stress, while operating in and around a vehicle. You will be firing from inside of a real vehicle. You will operate your pistol two handed, one handed, while moving, sitting, kneeling, lying prone, on your side and supine. This course is taught entirely on a private range. It is closed to spectators. Lectures and discussions will be done during lunch. Satisfactory completion of this course will allow your advancement to the Force On Force. SMALL CLASS ENVIRONMENT!

Prerequisites: Successful completion of our One-Handed Pistol. Please note that this is the ONLY course we will accept.


* Government issued, picture ID (driver's license, etc.)
* Note pad & pen
* Drinks, snacks & lunch (lots of water)
* Sac Valley range fees ($14 or $5)
* Folding chair for break time
* Hat
* Sturdy belt that you won't mind getting scraped up
* Pants with reinforced pockets that won't tear when you run your rear sight off of them to rack the slide
* Clothing appropriate for a RAIN or SHINE outdoor, dirt surface range
* Sunscreen
* Eye & ear protection
* The handgun(s) that you intend to shoot with
* At least three functional magazines for each semi-automatic pistol and/or at least two functional speed loaders for each revolver - the more, the better
* A strong side, hip holster for each gun - must cover the trigger
* Magazine and/or speed loader holders
* Ammo - approximately 500rds (it's always best to bring a little extra)


For enrollment contact me RIGHT AWAY by:

Phone: (209) 401-0907

Wesley Lagomarsino


Educating You To Be Safe & Skilled!

CCW Instructor         NRA Instructor
CA DOJ Instructor    Certified Armorer
CA BSIS Instructor   CA BSIS Facility

NRA Recruiter ID XI024767

Ph: (209) 401-0907 E-mail:

Cancellations/Reschedulings: All cancellations/reschedulings prior to 7 days of the first day of the course will incur no fee. All monies will be non-refundable but, transferable to any other course that is not already full. All cancellations/reschedulings within 7 days or less of the first day of the course will incur a $50 empty seat/clerical fee. The remainder of the money will be non-refundable but, transferable to any other course that is not already full.

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