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Handgun Science 3 - Speed Development


The 06/19/22 course will be at this location:

Times: 8AM - 5PM

Location: LFI, Inc. Private Range at the Vineyard   >>> MAP LINK <<<

14255 E. Prouty Rd.

Galt, CA 95632

(meet in the gravel area to the west of the road - don't stop in front of the house - don't go out there without me as the owner has all trespassers prosecuted)

This is the alternate location (if the location listed above has a flooded road):

Times: 8AM - 5PM
Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center - Range 10

15501 Meiss Rd. 

Sloughhouse, CA 95683
(please bypass the range office and all of the restrictive signs - you'll be signing in directly with me on range 10)


Course fee: $250 per person (required right away)

Gun rental fee: $25ea (must arrange in advance)


Other equipment rental fee: $5ea (must arrange in advance)


Range fee: $20 at the Sac Valley Shooting Center or a donation at the Vineyard Range


CA DOJ Firearm Safety Test: $25 (must arrange in advance)

Acceptable forms of payment: Zelle (use Wesley Lagomarsino &, Venmo (use @Wesley-Lagomarsino - note, if you check the box for purchase protection you must include an additional $5 - your total will be $255), Litecoin or Bitcoin, check, money order, cashier's check

If paying by check, make payable to: LFI, INC.

Send to:     LFI, INC.




Course Description:

Handgun Science 3 - Speed Development: 
This speed building course is designed to give you the skill sets needed to operate your pistols proficiently, accurately and quickly. The goal of this course is to get you to trim as much unnecessary motion as possible. We will dig deep into every detail that will allow you to get your gun shooting sooner. We will also maximize your recoil control so you can reduce your split times while maintaining your accuracy. You will get to shoot on targets under time pressure in multiple skill building drills. You will learn how to effectively diagnose and clear handgun malfunctions. You will also learn how to rapidly reload your gun. You will leave this course with a greater level of confidence in your ability to use your handguns in defensive situations or to perform at the next level in your competitions. The course will conclude with a skills test. Satisfactory completion of this test will allow your advancement to the Handgun Science 4 - Movement - course.


Prerequisites: graduate our Handgun Science 2 - Accuracy Development course.


* Government issued, picture ID (driver's license, etc.)
* Note pad, & pen
* Drinks, snacks, & lunch (lots of water)
* Folding chair for break time
* Hat
* Sturdy belt
* Clothing appropriate for a RAIN or SHINE outdoor, dirt surface range
* Sunscreen
* Eye & ear protection
* The handgun(s) that you intend to shoot with
* At least three functional magazines for each semi-automatic pistol and/or at least two functional speed loaders for each revolver - the more, the better
* A waist holster for each gun - must cover the trigger - no cross draw - IWB or OWB is fine, as long as the holster does not collapse when the gun is removed - appendix carry is OK
* Magazine and/or speed loader holders (optional - pockets work too)
* Ammo - approximately 350rds (it's always best to bring a little extra)

For questions contact me by:
Phone: (209) 401-0907

Wesley Lagomarsino


Educating You To Be Safe & Skilled!

CCW Instructor          NRA Instructor
CA DOJ Instructor     Certified Armorer
CA BSIS Instructor    CA BSIS Facility

NRA Recruiter ID XI024767

(209) 401-0907   E-mail:



Cancellations/Reschedulings: All cancellations/reschedulings prior to 21 days of the first day of the course will incur no fee. All monies will be non-refundable but, transferable to any other course that is not already full. All cancellations/reschedulings within 21 days or less of the first day of the course will incur a $100 empty seat/clerical fee. The remainder of the money will be non-refundable but, transferable to any other course that is not already full.

Please do not register for a course unless you're sure you can attend. There's a lot of clerical work on my end when you register. To say the least, cancellations and reschedulings are a pain in the ass! Be considerate.

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