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Book your initial or renewal course TODAY!!



  • ​CA initial courses are offered 3 times per month.

  • CA renewal courses are offered 3 times per month.

  • UT courses are offered 3 times per month.

  • NV courses are offered privately.

  • Also be sure to ask about AZ, FL, OR, VA and any other non-resident CCW's that you're interested in.



We offer a progressive line of pistol courses ranging from our basic pistol course to our highly advanced, handgun mastery course. All of our courses are perfect for development in competition as well as self defense.

You can also count on us for quality education on the use of your shotgun and/or rifle.



Private lessons are available upon request.

Please call to coordinate your exclusive individual or small group course! This can also be considered for business entertainment or special occasions (birthday parties, pre-bachelor parties, corporate outings, etc.) Although we are primarily based in Stockton (San Joaquin) & Sacramento, you can book a private lesson with me personally, almost anywhere in the US.

Just call to make arrangements.

(209) 401-0907

“Wes is great, very informative, safe, personable, and effective. CCW class was awesome thanks!"

Gary E.

Wilton, CA

Dick & Madlyn D.

Elk Grove, CA

“My husband and I attended Wes' CCW course. The information provided, explanations given and time and attention to the participants was exceptional. Our main goal was safety and education which was more than accomplished.
In addition, we found the added humor to make the days even more enjoyable."

"I took his CCW course and it was fun and very informational! He stays up to date on current shooting techniques and is passionate about people learning how to shoot. I consider myself a decent shooter and I still learned some things in his CCW course. I like his attitude, his stories, and his ability to prove that he can actually shoot. I highly recommend this course and I will continue training with him!"

Nico M.

Davis, CA

"I'm on my 4th (5th?) CCW class with Wes.
If you want a CCW class where the instructor cares about how you shoot and is proud to put his name on the certificate and will stand behind you, by all means go to Wes. The guy has dedicated his life to being the absolute best shooter he can be.
I've been shooting a long time, however when my teenage daughter is ready and comfortable with handguns I'm not going to teach her, I'm going to have Wes teach her. Good form from the start mean less bad habits to break later on."

Frank P.

Stockton, CA

"I have known Wes now three years and have taken several classes with him including: Handgun Science 2 - Accuracy, Handgun Science 3 - Speed, Handgun Science 4 - Movement, Armorer's Course for Glock Pistols, NV CCW and the Mag 40 Class he hosted with Massad Ayoob.  My husband and I have also taken pistol classes with different groups in Austin, TX, St. George, UT and in Prescott, AZ.  While all the instructors were great, I always feel that I learn the most with Wes. He literally watches how I shoot, hold the pistol and stance and will point out areas where I can improve and make suggestions (sometimes have me try a few different things) to see what will work with me best and then have me practice that several times so I get it, which I take home and practice with.  My shooting has always improved after lessons with him.  He strives to make the group classes as relaxed as possible, while still maintaining safety for every one on the Range (which trust me, I totally appreciate, especially since I am a nurse and really don't want to have to respond to an emergency).  I will definitely be taking more classes with him, and even repeating some!"

Alexandra S.

El Paso, TX

"I signed my son up for a private lesson this week and I was very impressed by Wes' professionalism, competence and friendly demeanor. My son learned vast amounts about gun safety and handling and is eager to continue learning. He also did very well when it came to target practice. We will definitely be signing back up as soon as we can! Thank you Wesley for a great day!"

Meli W.

Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany

"Wesley Lagomarsino is a top notch instructor that genuinely cares about the success of his students. He really knows his stuff, which is furthered evidenced by his experience, training, and prior background. Not only this, but Wesley also ensures that he makes his classes safe, informative, and most of all fun. He gives the classroom environment a much needed dose of humor, along with interesting personal anecdotes and experiences. I cannot think of anyone in the Sacramento area that I would rather train with. I HIGHLY recommend Wesley Lagomarsino for all of your firearms training."

Nick B.

San Francisco, CA

“Wesley's class for my CCW was terrific. His passion for the subject matter is very clear and he is an excellent instructor. The course materials and training were top notch! His website motto is "Educating you to be safe and skilled" and it fits perfectly."

Walter F.

Rancho Cordova, CA

"I recently completed my 3rd time qualifying with Wes. The first two times, an initial qualification and a renewal, was for Sacramento County. The third time was for Placer County. Placer has a shorter qualification requirement than Sacramento. Wes's initial qualification class is 16 hours, regardless of county. I never hesitated to pay more and take a longer than required course. Wes isn't an easy pass; you don't get rewarded with his endorsement by just firing your gun in the right direction. This is more than a class, it's an investment. You will be educated on how the pros shoot, and advanced and critical legal knowledge. Having a CCW is more than about protecting your life and the lives of those under the mantle of your protection, but also protecting your freedom. Take Wes's class to find out more!"

Chris J.

Roseville, CA

Carl D.

Cool, CA

"I took Wes's El Dorado County CCW renewal course November 10th. This guy really knows his stuff. Not only is he on top of recent  changes to statutes, he teaches with a relaxed style which makes the time pass quickly.
The range portion was exceptional. Safety was his number one priority and he took the time necessary to explain gun safety and range rules. The last CCW class I took two years ago did not use holsters for the qualifying. Wes does in order to put you in a real world situation, complete with magazine changes. Obviously, I did not have a lot of experience in this area, but Wes took the time and effort (and patience) to make me feel more comfortable.
I can not recommend this class highly enough. There were beginners such as myself as well as competitive shooters in his class. All of us left with a lot more than what we came with.
Carl De"

“I highly recommend Wes Lagomarsino. Wes is a highly skilled instructor that has the knowledge to instruct as well as the ability to PERFORM. Wes is passionate about all things gun related from gun safety to gun law & rights but most passionate about a students ability to effectively and efficiently navigate and survive a potentially life threatening situation with an avoidance mindset first and deadly force as a last resort. Wes uses a combination of wisdom, experience and humor to bring color and life to topics in an effort to tap a variety of learning styles. Wes is also a continuous learner committed to personal development, always looking for opportunities to learn, grow and evolve (pretty rare for an expert). This is why you will always walk away from a class with Wes better than you arrived no matter how many times you have taken it before."

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